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MLM business on the Internet: 4 elements of development


On the internet we can find a lot of information about successfull strategies for development of our online MLM business. There are so many trainings about it even free on YouTube. But are they really working? Do they correspond to specificity of modern society and consumer needs? Most of strategies tell us to go and promote our companies on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks. Yes, partly they are right. But it’s not quite professional approach to doing online business. Let’s look at the 4 key elements of any successfull networking online business.

MLM business on the Internet: 4 elements of development

There are some rules of online business development. The construction of MLM business on the Internet is based on 4 main elements:

1) Bringing people into the business using your own name (not the name of your company), giving a universal solution to their problem.

You do not promote your MLM company. You promote your own brand/name and how you can solve problems of your target audience (lack of money, desire to travel, fatigue from ordinary job, willing to change something in their lifes, take care of their families and so on). You do not offer them to join the business right off the bat. At the first touch you should give the person some usefulness, so that he can trust you. After that you find his needs and problems and offer the solution that your company gives.

2) Automated traffic.

You need to ensure the flow of candidates to your business using online tools. The key word – automated. It will work super effective for you so you will still have time to build your business “on the ground” on personal meetings and presentations. Usually good online companies provide such tools as landing pages, automated education of prospects and new clients and so on. All you need to do is to send a stream of candidates to your landing page. You can promote the link to the landing page in social networks for free or spend some funds to let adverising systems reach your target audience. But you need to bare in mind that even paid advertising won’t be very effective if you won’t give some usefulness and won’t create an image of a person whom your target audience can trust. Just a quick reflection to yourself: how often do you follow some questionable link? As for me – never!

3) Automated sifting of candidates.

You might be surprised here – why do we need to sift our candidates to business? Believe me, MLM business is for all but not for everyone. Not all the people currently have a mindset to start MLM business. You can spot them by their ability to skip your calls and not respond to your messages, they do not have a vivid interest in what you are talking about, they doubt and don’t ask any questions. I’m sure you encountered such a pattern of behavior. You really don’t need such kind of people in your team. Even if you persuade them to join your company, they will do you no use, only complications and dissapointment. You need to work with those candidates who really interested in your business and see the perspective (of course, after you show it to them).

4) Multiple sources of income.

It is another big topic and I am going to talk about it in my next posts. All I can say now is that different network marketing companies can solve different types of problems. Network marketing goes hand in hand with areas such as personal effectiveness, training, improving of communication and sales skills, and so on. In our century, knowledge has become a commodity as demanded as food supplies. On the Internet there are some companies that sell knowledge using network marketing system. So why just buy trainings online for your personal self-development, when you can join a network company that sells education and learn & earn from it recomending your educational platform to members of your team and even to your colleagues from other networking companies? In network marketing you ought to give your team members quality education and an opportunity for presonal growth. So why should you all buy trainings separately instead of joining one educational community and earn from it too? As I said, it is a topic of my next post, but I suggest you to think about the questions above so far.

Thanks for reading and come back later for more interesting posts!


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