How To Promote Network Marketing on Social Media
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How To Promote Network Marketing on Social Media


It’s good that times are changing: the network marketing business used to be carried at home meetings or invitations to a cafe. Your mom probably had a friend who constantly reached her for Oriflame or Amway, and came to visit you with a pack of catalogs.

Fortunately, now you do not need to carry products with you and be imposed on people who are not interested in the offer. Everything can be done through social media: selling goods, building a team and sharing experience with like-minded people.

For those who still do not really know how it all works, let’s see in detail how networkers handle their social media.

Step 1. Choosing a platform

Choose which social media platform you will work on. The choice does not depend on personal preferences, but on which platform has more of your target audience. Make a portrait of your client: a buyer or a team member. Determine gender, age, place of residence, interests. You will have a portrait of a client.

Normally, networkers choose to promote their business on Facebook and Instagram (on both of them actually).

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world – the size of its monthly audience is about 2.5 billion people.

Instagram – an application for sharing photos and videos with elements of a social media. For 2018, the number of registered users is 1.1 billion.

There are smaller social media platforms, including local platforms for users of particular countries. Local platforms can have a lot of people of the same language you have and we should not underestimate them. But in mybusiness I mostly use Facebook and Instagram, so hese to platforms will be discussed mostly in my blog.

Step 2. Creating a  content

In network marketing, trust is important. Therefore, your goal is to create an image on thesocial media that will not only be interesting to people, but also make them follow your advice.

Working with content begins with a strategy. Each publication should be planned.

Before you start publishing, think about following:

1. Goals

What will your posts tell about you and your offer? For example: You successfully earn money with company X, you like this work and you are ready to teach those who want to do this.

2. Audience

Who are those people you are writing for? Who will find your posts useful, and who can actually buy goods from you or join yout team?

3. Style of publications

To create a clear picture of yourself in the minds of subscribers, stick to the same style of presentation. See how others do it: celebrities, bloggers and even brands. The original styly of publications will help to stand out among competitors in the network marketing business. Answer the questions:

What style are your posts: official or conversational?
Do you appeal to the audience on “you” or on “You”?
Are jokes acceptable? How often?
What topics do you never speak on?

What to write about?

Make a content plan so your page could be interesting and diverse, and you do not have to invent a topic for the post every time.

Make a list of headings: about the product, about you, about your work, reviews, etc. Think about which topics are more important and how much information you have on different topics, how often you can post.

Make a publication schedule a week or two ahead. Follow the rule 30/30/20: 30% of the posts should be entertaining, 30% – useful, and only 20% – selling.

To get more experience and understanding of what to do and how to do it right, I suggest to follow your favorite networkers who perform their business on social media. Read their pages  and note for yourself what topics they write and how often, what is the style of their publications. Define the most popular posts of competitors to find topics for your page. But don’t try to be like other social media stars, don’t try to copy their style. In network marketing trust of your followers is very impornatn, so you should not sound like somebody else and create a false impression/ You need to find your own voice and style, which will help earn the favor and trust of followers.

Step 3. Connecting with subscribers

Creating content is not the only thing that can bound you with your followers. An important part of maintaining pages on social media is working with the audience, and the most important part is involvement. People will read your materials and leave the page if you do not start to interact with them. Ways are obvious, but working: questions for the audience, polls, contests, Instagram and FB stories, live videos, etc.

If you are promoting a personal page, comment on the posts of interesting people who work in the same topic of network marketing, get acquainted with them.

Don’t try to immediately convert your followers into buyers. Direct imposition of your products or business offer will scare your audience. Create an image of a nice guy (or a girl) with whom it is pleasant to talk to and who always has interesting content to read. Raise the interest to your business organically through your posts and involvement.

I would like to complete my blogpost with the quote that, I believe, every networker should follow to reach success:

People don’t buy WHAT you do.

They buy WHY you do it.



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