How to create a new entourage (a tip)
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How to create a new entourage (a tip)


Reading the books of successful people you will always find the advice to form around yourself a new environment, a new entourage of successful people.
This is especially important in the MLM business – when you have the skill to get acquainted with progressive people, and constantly be in search of a new entourage. Because people who are able to create qualitative, strong, influential connections, can use this everywhere – in life, in business, for their personal growth, etc.

All newcomers in network marketing ask this question – how do I start forming a new entourage?

And here’s a tip where this can be done in the best possible way.
Go to any business conferences, events, trainings, buy tickets to the VIP area where there is lunch, dinner or some kind of separate meeting. Boldly approach the people who are also there, get acquainted, ask what they are doing, find common friends or common interests, start to be friends and communicate, perhaps, to provide some kind of support or help.

It’s very cool to go to another country or another city where you can stay with like-minded people in one environment for a few days – it’s like your future friends, buddies, and possible business partners.

For me, this experience worked for all 100%. First I went to the events of my MLM company, where I got my first communication skills. Then I started visiting various trainings on financial literacy, personal productivity, and eventually this road led me to a business community of like-minded people who develop, improve themselves, and look for new ways to monetize their knowledge. Being in such a community is very motivating, I constantly have new ideas, and I never again have a question, how do I get acquainted with a person or get in touch with the right people.

You need exactly those people who, like you are now on the road to success, are looking for opportunities and are working on themselves. So see what you can do in this direction, what kind of event you can visit, look for business communities around you – it’s guaranteed to raise your mindset to a new level, and hence, the quality of life.


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