10 reasons to love Network Marketing
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10 reasons to love Network Marketing


1. Network Marketing is a business for everyone. Anyone can come to the business for money, communication, recognition, get-together, a new idea, information, motivation, a discount on the product, hiding from loneliness, commonness, looking for support, new friends, new ways of self-expression and realization of ambitions. By anyone I really mean anyone: a pensioner, a housewife, a student and a businessman, a workman…etc.

2. This is a business of fantastic desires that become a reality. It’s a business where unthinkable goals are set and achieved and unrealizable dreams come true. This is a business of faith and success. A business that gives hundreds of thousands of people around the world hope and new life.

3. This is the only business where the final result is completely unpredictable, where profits can multiply investments by thousands and hundreds of thousands times. This is the crazy business that  generated a huge amount of dollar millionaires and just rich people. In this business, with minimal investment in minimal time, you can get incredible income. And the only thing necessary for this is to be in the right place at the right time. Where you need just to believe in yourself and start acting.

4. This is the business of “not-such-as-all”, abnormal people, bright, extraordinary personalities. There is no any other environment where you can meet such a number of outstanding, terrific leaders. The desire to surround yourself with these people, to live among them and learn, to become one of them is a powerful incentive for self-development.

5. This is business of information. This is a school of life with its own philosophy, with tremendous opportunities for self-expression, self-development and self-improvement. The higher your personal level, the higher the check, the easier people follow you, the more you can give them as a sponsor. People follow stronger, more successful, more informed leader. For those who are always head and shoulders above. Only by constantly learning, moving forward in a spiral of personal development, can you become a leader.

6. This business is a world where free people live and an entrepreneurial spirit reigns. Here everyone is his own boss and master. Nobody will make you get up at 8 am to work, sit there until 6 pm and do what you don’t like. You have the right to plan your work schedule, your rest and income. And it depends on you only whether your business will be successful or will stop without even starting to bring returns.

7. This is a unique business, where only helping others, you will also grow. Network marketing is a business in which your income grows depending on how many people you have helped to make money. The more time, effort you put into your partner, the bigger check you get.

8. This business allows you to quench the passion for travel. You can become a “Citizen of the World”. You can even get an addiction: the more cities and countries you visit, the higher your income. I think I should not explain why. You can work in any city. You can travel and find hundreds of friends anywhere in the world.

9. This is a business that can be done easily. Here you can get payed just for communicating with people, making new acquaintances, giving useful information, reading smart books, using quality products, hanging out with interesting people.

10. Network marketing makes it possible to get a profession of the XXI century. This is a “networker” profession, a universal person: a professional communicator and a psychologist, a teacher and a marketer, an economist and a businessman, a promoter and speaker, a manager and a salesman, a journalist and influencer, an actor and diplomat, a philosopher and just a good person.

Are you in love with Network Marketing now?

Sincerely, Julia.


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful insight. I really appreciate your effort for the regular updates.

  2. hi, julia, just ask, kesenya went to a new gold company, or is her own gold company? Sorry but my english is sometimes not very well.

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